Community Member Name #1

This experience is an opportunity to teach people about your community but also an opportunity to learn about other community issues.  I feel that participating in the impact panel gives me a platform to make the changes I want to see in my community. 

  Community Member Name #2

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  District 2 -  Kevin Faulconer

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  SDPD ‚Äď Shelley Zimmerman

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  Trauma Nurse Cheryl Wooton

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  Park Ranger Karolynn Estrada

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Prosecutor Angela Geisler 

From a prosecutorís perspective, Community Court empowers neighborhoods by holding first-time, low-level misdemeanor criminal offenders accountable for the harm they have caused against a community.  Community Court educates offenders about how their unlawful behavior affects the quality of life of the people who live in the neighborhood where they committed the crime.  In this criminal justice forum, community members are given a voice and permitted to directly express their concerns to offenders.   The Trauma Nurse and Law Enforcement presentations are eye-opening, and they broaden the perspective of everyone involved.  Instead of fines, Community Court orders offenders to perform community service which provides them with the opportunity to make amends while beautifying the beach community.  Community Court increases empathy and decreases recidivism in a way that the traditional Criminal Justice system simply cannot.


Angela Geisler

Office of the San Diego City Attorney

Neighborhood Prosecutor


  BID Director Andy Hanshaw



Before attending the panel I never considered the kinds of issues that were discussed.  Now I realize how the little things compound on each other.  Quality of life offenses aren't just an insignificant issue, is is a serious problem.  I would recommend this experience to others becuase it takes the ticket off your record and is a more affordable solution.