Beach Area Community Court started in 2005 with a pilot project, was funded in 2006 by a $200,000 federal grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and continues to grow today.  The grant-funded program is one of 10 demonstration sites in the country that was selected for its restorative justice design.  Restorative Justice is a concept that brings the community into the center of the criminal justice system, involving them from beginning to end.  The Restorative Justice Model emphasizes education and making amends, and is often credited with reducing recidivism and improving the quality of life of communities that embrace it.

Registration Fee: A $50.00 registration fee will be required to attend BACC.  BACC initially was funded by Bureau of Justice Assistance grant of $200,000.  This grant money was used to set up the court in 2006 and funded BACC up until April 2009.  In order to continue BACC, a registration fee of $40.00 is required to cover the administrative costs of this alternative court. 

If you do not have a credit card to complete registration on-line, you must call 858-273-3050 and speak to a BACC representative to schedule advance payment and complete registration.



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