Do you love living or working at the beach? Are you bothered by quality of life crimes being committed in your community?  (examples: alcohol related offenses, urinating in public, littering, glass on the beach, smoking, dog off a leash)

If your answer is YES - Get involved! We need your help to educate people who have committed these types of crimes in your community. They need to hear from YOU about how these types of offenses diminish your quality of life in the beach area, and how they affect you and your family every year. When it comes from you, it's real, and they listen.

Do you like to get your hands dirty cleaning up your community?

Help lead a clean up crew of community court participants on a weekend morning as they beautify the bay, beaches, parks, and streets in the beach area.

What is the time commitment?

Community Court happens once a month during most of the year, and several times a month during the summer season. You can help once, or as many times as you like! We need a variety of voices and stories to reach our participants and broaden their point of view regarding personal responsibility and making amends. The educational component lasts two hours, but we only need your participation for about forty-five minutes to an hour on a weeknight. The community work service portion lasts four hours on a weekend morning. There is also a short training session (2 hours) that you must complete before you can volunteer for BACC.

What do I have to do?

If you volunteer for the educational session, you participate in a discussion for about forty-five minutes to an hour, with a small group of people who have committed low-level offenses in your community. The discussion is guided, and participants are not permitted to contest their citation. The discussion revolves around what brought everyone to community court, and how those types of offenses affect people in the beach community. Past community members have enjoyed these sessions immensely and say they learned as much from the participants as the participants learned from them. These discussions break down barriers between generations and

If you volunteer to help supervise community work service, you show up on a weekend morning and help supervise trash pick up, graffiti paint out, stenciling the rules on trash cans or the sea wall, and numerous other projects. Lend a hand and get to know the people who participate in community court. You might find that you have more in common than you think! Everyone feels good working together to give back or make amends to the community.

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